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My touch is deeply nurturing and at the same time very precise to open the flow of energy through your bodies: your physical, emotional, and spiritual body.

Shiatsu is based on the Chinese Meridian System, developed in Japan in the last century.

It’s a proven modality to improve health and vitality.

Stress usually melts away, ease enters the breath, spaciousness and relaxation

are re-established in the body.

During the treatment, the energy flow in the meridians is re-established

and the body opens up to become receptive.

I combine Shiatsu with deeply nurturing and finely attuned, somatic-based touch.

I mobilize your joints and bring fluidity and freedom back into your being.

I might also bring in some stillness and hold some parts of you to release deep patterns of stress.  

You will feel fully met.

Your pelvic, in Japanese your ‘hara’ reflects the state of your energy levels,

I diagnose through palpation of the hara and I come back to it to check

and support the working of the pelvic organs through touch.

We can extend the hara work and move into a Chi Nei Tsang massage

in which we spend a lot of time working on the hara.


Aspects that you can bring to a session with me and that we can address in our time together:

  • Stress – nervous system imbalance

  • Physical pain like lower back, upper back, shoulders, neck, pain in particular joints or organs

  • almost any pain really, except with cancer and other diseases that strongly contraindicate for massage.

  • Anxiety, minor trauma

  • Digestive problems related to stress

  • Fatigue

  • Immunity

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Period pain

  • Mood swings

  • Transition into menopause

  • Relationship, intimacy, sensitivity

  • Sensuality and sexuality

  • Supporting the embodiment aspect if you are journeying with psychotherapy, counselling or coaching.

  • Supporting you in establishing self-care practices

My aim in the session is to release tension and stress from your physical and emotional body and your mind. Pain and fear are constricting the body on a very deep cellular level and a constricted cell can’t take in nourishment or release toxins. It’s stuck.

This is the space where healing happens, once the internal flow of energy has opened,

the body can balance itself.

And it then effortlessly reconnects with the nourishing energy field around it and can actually receive.

Life becomes much more easy, healthy and fluid.

I will give you some little pearls of wisdom, a suggestion or two about how you can attend to yourself

on a daily basis, maintaining the change that has occurred during the session and even taking it further.




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