January 2022

Conversation with Nitya Longstrom


Nitya is a intimacy couch for men, supporting them to find into a more fulfilling intimate life.

I invited Nitya into a conversation to find out about the male experience when woman starts to be de-satisfied with the status quo of the sexual relating in the couple or while dating.

In my work with women I find that their erotic desire is often not being met beyond the high energy initiatory phase of relating or the high desirous ovulation moment of their cycle in ‘conventional’ male orientated sex practices.


During the transition into menopause the erotic desire changes even more for most women.

Nitya shares about the difficulties and stresses that men are experiencing and how she supports them into new ways of approaching a more holistic erotic life.

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We talk about slowing down, bringing in the heart more consciously, the awkward moments when trying out new ways, allowing for playfulness and experimentation to become more attuned to one’s authentic, unique, erotic desire and how to share that in intimate relating with another.


This conversation is focused at first on the relating between man and woman but  in second half we discuss the importance about dating oneself, meeting oneself in the erotic. Here are some pearls that are relevant for intimate meetings between two humans of any sexual orientation and gender.

You find Nitya and her offerings here:


February 2022

Conversation with Jacinta McEwen



Naturopath and Ayurvedic Practitioner from the Northern Rivers NSW. 

Jacinta shares about the Ayurvedic perspective onto menopause and how to address different imbalances that can emerge during the transition.

She shares her insights into HRT, bioidentical hormones and how they affect a woman and how to counterbalance the side effects.

We talk about how to navigate this transition in a natural and empowered way.

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Jacinta has prepared a info sheet in case you're interested you can write to

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