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In these conversations we talk about topics relevant to all things Menopause and the journey that every woman/human with a womb goes through at some stage in her life.

The Maga is the woman that is emerging in the mid forties often. The fertile years are coming to an end and her fokus starts to shift towards what else apart from mothering she's here for. The Rite of Passage into Menopause takes her even deeper into evaluating her life so far and surrendering to what her soul desires for her Second Spring.

The image of the menopausal, older woman in our society is very dear to my heart. I see how much the fear of aging and the celebration of youth in our society/media is stressing and crippling a lot of women approaching this transition.

There’s fear about entering this next phase and valuing maturity, wisdom

and inner beauty over the outer appearance. 

My desire is to help shift this image of the aging woman,

I want to support women in their transitioning and I want to talk, share, shout about the beauty,

the wisdom and the power of the Maga and the Crone.

Please have a look at the conversations we've already had and listen in!

I like to emphasize that  this conversations are relevant to everybody, all gender, all ages. There is so much wisdom, love and experience that is available from the Magas and the Crones, that is really missing in the fabric of our society.

November 2022

Conversation with Veet Karen

Veet is a vegan chef and cooking instructor with a real passion for what she cooks and teaches.

To choose ethical ingredients for the meals we cook for ourselves and our loved ones is really important to her. So she has created a cooking school, where in 3 days one can learn to prepare wholesome, plant-based meals.

As there is no other training for vegan chefs available she also has created a comprehensive training to become a vegan chef.

maga conversation with veetArtist Name
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Here we talk about about all things food that support women transitioning into menopause to feel more balanced, less affected by the possible symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, weight gain, dryness and bone loss.

We also talk about how to prepare food for best absorption and how to integrate the foods high in phytoestrogens into our diet.

She has created a two sided PDF for food for menopausal women, this is super helpful, print it out and hang it in your kitchen! Here is the link to receive it:

veets fact sheet


May 2022

Conversation with Janine Ma-Ree

When I think of Janine I feel my heart and my instincts becoming alive. To me she is a Feminine Mystic, she explores and embodies the feminine mysteries and powerfully transmits them through her energetic presence.

She worked as a Naturopath for 20 years, then the realms of the more hidden aspects of human life called her. She's now in the lead faculty of ISTA (International school of temple arts) and Temple Highden NZ, she has created her own workshops for women: 'The Ecstatic Menopause Retreat' and 'The Shamanic Wombjourney' and she keeps exploring life and sharing her wisdom gained  out into the world.

Janine Ma Ree audio trimmedArtist Name
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Here we talk about Menopause as a Rite of Passage, the wisdom emerging from the Magas and Crones, Elder ship and its importance for community and our planet.

We hear also about how her naturopathic approach can support women through this transition.

A few years ago Janine founded Red Earth Temple, a living temple of activated wild land. Janine shares here about the connection to the land, her teacher and muse. We talk about her way of accessing wisdom through the womb and through working with archetypes.

Janine Ma-Ree

janine Ma-Ree.jpg

January 2022

Conversation with Nitya Longstrom


Nitya is a intimacy couch for men, supporting them to find into a more fulfilling intimate life.

I invited Nitya into a conversation to find out about the male experience when woman starts to be de-satisfied with the status quo of the sexual relating in the couple or while dating.

In my work with women I find that their erotic desire is often not being met beyond the high energy initiatory phase of relating or the high desirous ovulation moment of their cycle in ‘conventional’ male orientated sex practices.


During the transition into menopause the erotic desire changes even more for most women.

Nitya shares about the difficulties and stresses that men are experiencing and how she supports them into new ways of approaching a more holistic erotic life.

audio1326939608Artist Name
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We talk about slowing down, bringing in the heart more consciously, the awkward moments when trying out new ways, allowing for playfulness and experimentation to become more attuned to one’s authentic, unique, erotic desire and how to share that in intimate relating with another.


This conversation is focused at first on the relating between man and woman but  in second half we discuss the importance about dating oneself, meeting oneself in the erotic. Here are some pearls that are relevant for intimate meetings between two humans of any sexual orientation and gender.

You find Nitya and her offerings here:


February 2022

Conversation with Jacinta McEwen



Naturopath and Ayurvedic Practitioner from the Northern Rivers NSW. 

Jacinta shares about the Ayurvedic perspective onto menopause and how to address different imbalances that can emerge during the transition.

She shares her insights into HRT, bioidentical hormones and how they affect a woman and how to counterbalance the side effects.

We talk about how to navigate this transition in a natural and empowered way.

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Jacinta has prepared a info sheet in case you're interested you can write to

For more information about her work:  

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