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“Never forget that the big wisdom of life comes at Menopause.

There is enormous power here. Though the mainstream media has tried to make midlife women all but invisible, we are at a turning point.

” Dr Christine Northrup"

Having transitioned into Menopause myself over the last 6 years, I’m acutely aware of the depth and the transformational potential inherent in this transition.

The image of the menopausal, older woman in our society is very dear to my heart.

I can see how much the fear of aging and the celebration of youth is crippling

a lot of women approaching this transition.

There’s fear about entering this next phase and valuing maturity, wisdom,

inner beauty over the outer appearance. 

My desire is to shift this image of the aging woman,

I want to support women in their transitioning and I want to talk, share, shout about the beauty,

the wisdom and the power of the maga and the crone, the woman who is on the other side of the transition.

Embodying all lived experiences, she stands firm in her wisdom and love, in her visionary capacities

for the future and her advocacy for healthy, sane and loving living.

I'm offering two different 1 day workshops at the present; one is focused on restorative practices and bone care

the other one is focused on deep self care, boundaries and consent.

At the heart of both workshops is the sharing, hearing and witnessing other women on the journey and being seen and witnessed.

They can be offered also as a weekend retreat.

I'm also available for presentations, talks and podcasts.

I'm very much looking forward to offering the 1 year journey next year :




Entering Menopause is a rite of passage, moving from one state of being into a different one.

It’s one of the major transitions in a woman’s life.  It is the last one before death and as there’s already a lot of life experience present, it can be navigated with awareness and consciousness.

In comparison, the earlier transitions might not have been navigated so consciously; they are Birth, Menarche, Sexuality, Pregnancy/Birthing. Each of these transitions creates major imprints in the psyche of woman, if they are not navigated consciously, the imprint is happening anyway.  

"If you want to know where your true power lies, go to those places you’ve been taught to fear the most. Your orgasm, your period, labour & birth, menopause... this is where your real power lies. In the sacred temple of your pelvis.” Dr Christine Northrup

My work with women in those transitioning years and with women already on the other side desiring to deepen into themselves is about reflecting on the rite of passages already lived and uncover the hidden imprints in them. Seeing how those imprints have created believes and have been influencing the course of life lived so far.

In this current rite of passage, there is the invitation to navigate it with much more awareness and consciously re-evaluate life as we deepen into the support of the circle together. 

As we travel through the seasons of the year long journey we'll be support by the wisdom of the seasonal daoist practices. Each season correlates with an element, two meridians/organs, feelings states, food and herbs, states of being that I weave into our journey together.

We'll start in May 2024!

please let me know if this speaks to you.

In this course, I’m offering a balance

of consciousness and surrender,

of embodiment and reflection,

of yin and yang. 



If you'd like personal support through this transition, I'm offering 1:1 support.

Please contact me to discuss your needs. 

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