Here I offer an opportunity for you to be deeply supported in the exploration of the relationship

to your body, your sensuality, sexuality. 

All that is related to your pelvic, your vagina, vulva, womb, ovaries as it is called in Sanskrit, the Yoni.


Or the bigger picture; where are you at with self-love, self-care, relationship to the ‘divine’, respect, orgasmic experience…., where is your source of nourishment, how do you negotiate your energy in your system?

How is your relationship to your breasts and your heart?

Do you know how to bring your heart into your intimate experience?


There is so much merit,

for you, Woman,


to getting to know yourself on that deep primal level;

getting to know yourself,

to enjoy and love yourself and start bringing your precious essence into the world

and into a relationship.

Yoni Mapping sessions create a space for presence,

relaxation, deep vulnerability and truth telling.

Here is room for the often raw messy reality we live in

and total unconditional acceptance of you exactly as you are.

These sessions welcome and embrace the physical, mental, emotional,

spiritual AND sexual aspects of ourselves.

We are not seen as just a body or just a mind, but a whole human being.

Even though we sometimes work quite specifically,

in Yoni Mapping there’s nothing we are trying to change or fix, no place to get to and no pushing or forcing.

It’s about being present with whatever arises throughout the session,

without judging it or labelling it as “good” or “bad”. 


All of you is welcome – whatever that looks like.

And truly it can look like almost anything!


The flow of the session


In the first part of the session, I’ll listen to you and we tune into the deeper aspects

of your longing that brought you to this session.

There is space to dive into inquiry and process to open into the internal realms of your current life and untangle the grip of past experiences and old believes.


I might bring in some boundary explorations, part dialogues, somatic explorations…

We also look at what practices will support you to integrate and ground the session into your daily reality.



In the second part, you are invited to surrender into a whole-body massage to open your being

for the energy to move through you easily and effortlessly.  

Through deep relaxation the sensual body is awakened, the senses are becoming alive and receptive.

From that relaxed and awakened space, we move towards the mapping of your vulva and vagina.


Here we pause and asked for permission from you and from your yoni.

This is a very important aspect of the mapping, for you to be able to tune in to your yes and your no,

we come back to asking for consent often.


During the mapping, there’s an exchange between you and me,

sharing what places in your yoni evoke what kind of sensations, what kind of touch feels good,

what’s too much or too little, when we need to pause

or to move back and away and when we can move deeper.


The contact ensures that any stress and trauma response can be felt immediately

and be addressed with presence and love.


It also allows you to get to know your internal landscape and what sensations arise

from the different parts pf your Yoni. 

There is ample time for integration of the experience with me and by yourself; sometimes there are words and inquiry and sometimes there are very little or no words.

I make sure that you are grounded and feeling safe before you leave my studio.  

I will write up an email for you with all we talked about and the practices we agreed upon for your integration.






I was just about to message you to say WOW!

THANK YOU soooo much for such a beautiful, powerful, gentle and honouring healing today.

I am simply blown away by how special that session was!


Thank you for providing such a nurturing and safe space for me to begin to awaken what has been laying numbed inside myself for so long. I already feel the rebirth happening!

Bridget, New Brighton 2020