In this Feminine Embodiment Classes I’m offering practices to support Woman in slowing down and going in, finding into a deeper place in her body and giving it permission to be, to be received, heard and met fully. The classes are based on Sacred Feminine Yoga, Vocal Activation,

Meridian based Yoga and Chi Gong practices,

Authentic Movement, Dance, and Inquiry.

The main anchor in these classes is the womb, the seat of a woman’s power.

A very important aspect to find into this deepening into the womb is the breath and the sound.

The invitation is for the outbreath to fall out of the mouth,

this allows  for the sighing and for any authentic expression of what is being felt in the body in this very moment. Using the voice in that way supports the softening of the body.

The emotional body is invited in, through breathing, moving gently in circular and snakelike movements

it awakens and can release whatever comes up through the voice, the sound that flows out of the mouth.

Any held emotional charge can be cleared and a deep letting go into softening, openness and pleasure happens

It is quite common for a woman to experience an array of different emotions during just one class.

Like sadness, grieve, rage, anger, joy, ecstasy, peace, serenity or sometimes

there is one emotion that is present and might take a while to move through.

I’m distinguishing between ’emotions’ as feelings from the past that have not found a resting place yet

and ‘feelings’, as a movement through the body and soul,

that arise in that moment as a response to what is here right now.


*As a single class, a class that stands on its own and is very beneficial for the awakening of the feminine aspect in women. It will offer a taste of The SheSessions.

**As series, usually 8 weeks, where we meet and practice in the same circle of women over 2 moons, deep shifts and changes will happen over those weeks.



  • A more authentic expression of who you really are will flow into your life.

  • A new way to be with emotions and feelings; you’ll have more capacity to allow and feel them and not be engulfed or overwhelmed by them.

  • Your physical body will feel more fluid, comfortable, and pleasurable. Strengthening is happening in an organic and easeful way.

  • Hormonal Imbalances, period pain, transition into menopause, pregnancy are all greatly supported to come into a healthy and wholesome place.

  • Blockages through the body of an emotional, energetic or physical nature will soften and open up.

  • getting in touch with a deeper aliveness in your being.

  • Supporting an ongoing inquiry and curiosity about living in a female body and the potential arising from that. Tuning into your physicality, the heart, the breasts, the womb, genitals and ovaries and experiencing their energy and potential.

  • Dropping into the support of the circle of women around you, even so, each woman is practising for herself, there is immense merit of sharing the practice in the structure of the circle. To be feeling the women around you in the practice, each in her own expression and also allowing our hearts and instincts to be touched by each other’s experience of the moment, Every second week there will be space for a sharing circle. For those women, who struggle with trusting other women, this is a great space to heal those wounds.

  • Experience the benefit of the commitment to self, to showing up every week for the class and reap the benefits of that commitment. Practice the masculine aspects of reliance and structure and experience how that supports your growth.

These classes are for any woman with any level of fitness. Rest is encouraged and supported whenever needed.




Claudine’s Sessions are a big highlight of my week where I feel myself

as the woman I long to be, empowered, pleasure filled, in my body, freely moving energy. 

After the session, I always feel myself moving in the world from a beautifully soft and centred place.

As a practice, it develops my femininity, my openness, my presence, my heart. 

I believe every woman would love and benefit from this practice.

The only reason you wouldn’t do it is if the timing of classes didn’t work, and you can always work that out!

Do yourself a delicious favour and do it!!

Amanda Patterson, Massage Therapist and Somatic Experiencing