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WELCOME  Dear Visitor

Would you like to feel more empowered, alive and sovereign?

Would you like to shed the layers of inhibition, fear and apprehensions, of socialization and unnecessary influences?

Would you like to be met, heard and attuned to deeply? Would you like to bring awareness to aspects of your life that feel murky, shameful, uncomfortable and dis-satisfactory?

Would you like to be supported in actualizing your intimate longing? In bringing awareness and understanding to your fears, trauma and blocks?

Are you traversing through Menopause and you would like support and guidance through this big transition, this Rite of Passage?

I love to support you to uncover your essence, your truth, your authentic expression and creative freedom. I love to support the slowing down, the slowing down of the pace of life and of the nervous system. So much healing and wholeness happens in the spaciousness beyond stress and unconscious reaction.

My tools are

  • YoniMapping Therapy

  • SomaShiatsu Therapy

  • Somatic Counseling

  • Somatic/Shamanistic Explorations through touch, movement, ritual and rite of passage

  • Feminine Embodiment Practices

  • Restorative Yoga 


For me it is powerful and touching to spend time with people in the therapeutic context. I honor the relational field and how important that is for healing. My ability to attune to another, to allow my energy and/or hands, my body to feel another human being and guide her/him/them slowly towards more grounding, relaxation and coherence in their energy and physicality is deeply healing – and working in this way really lights me up.


If you would love support through touch and attunement in negotiating overwhelm, stress and trauma, if you would like support in establishing a daily practice to release stress from your system and support more capacity to be with life as it keeps unfolding around you.

If you would like to have sessions to explore counseling and transpersonal therapy where the integration through touch is always an option. (unless we’re online.)

Please be in touch here to arrange for session or a free exploration call with me


My work and capacities are many fold and I feel I can meet people in many profound and healing ways.

Apart from the tools listed above I’ve been moving and I have been moved by lots of different somatic based practices over the last 25 years.


The Maga Conversations
monthly live on zoom with guest speaker 
maga conversations_edited.jpg

1:1  incubation vessels

For all women and particularly women entering menopause, approaching menopause

or already on the other side

My desire is to support you in becoming an awakened and empowered woman entering your second spring with confidence, joy and clarity.

My desire is to support you in feeling trust in yourself; feeling your body, your sensations, your pleasure; in building capacity to be with challenges and with ecstasy; in asserting your boundaries and enjoying your openings; in being courageous; in advocating for self love; in spreading peace and understanding.

If you currently go through a life crisis; big grieving, big change, big expansion, big stucknes

if you are dissatisfied with the status quo

if you experience fears, inhibitions, blockages, loneliness

if you're longing for something more; a new job, more creative expression, new intimate relationship, more growth in existing relationship, getting out of relationship

if you're in a deep change in your life like

entering menopause; separation, union; start or ending parenting; health challenges


what results will you get;


- new zest for life and deeper balance in your daily life

- more capacity to implement your desires

- support in meeting the shadow, the fears, the boredom, the greyness

- guidance into the underworld, the subconscious realms and the re-emerging

- more trust into life itself, into the ebb and flows, the cyclical nature

- alignment, getting to know yourself, the flavor of your true nature

- connecting to your soul, your spiritual nature, embodying your physicality


incubation vessels

vessel#1     $2188

  • 12 x somatic therapy of 75 + mins

  • online or in person

  • home practices, some recorded

  • voice message access between sessions

vessel#2  $2488

  • 2 x YoniMappings in person

  • 8 x Somatic therapy of 75mins online or in person

  • home practices, some recorded

  • voice message access between sessions

 vessel#3  $2488

  • 3 x YoniMappings in person

  • 4 x Somatic Therapy of 75mins online or in person

  • Home practices and voice message access in between sessions

These are  powerful vessels and they will change you forever.

They're a statement to yourself and to great spirit/creation/goddess/god, or whatever you call the creative intelligence of our cosmos; They're a statement that you value yourself and your unique essence highly. In focusing your energy and time onto your healing and awakening,

it is happening.

This journey is about getting to know yourself more deeply, letting go of judgments and ideas of how you should be and dropping into actually being YOU, easefully and unapologetically.

Payment plans available for all vessels.

please contact me for an introductory, free conversation

About Us

About Claudine

I’m passionate about bringing the feminine ways back into our society, all that is involved with this:

the raw, real emotionality of being woman,

the respect and deep reverence of our sexuality, our cyclical nature, our wild,

untamed expression and the incredible love and care, that flows when a woman is able to own her wisdom and to express herself accordingly.

There is grief in my being and in the being of many women (and men too!) about the loss, the loss of the refinement, authenticity, love and connectedness of life.

I support women 


  • who are searching for their place in the web of life

  • who long to be touched by life more deeply

  • who suffer with stress, anxiety and tightness in their body and mind

  • who are inquiring into their erotic desire and their sexual confidence

  • who yearn for more connection to themself, to their partner and to existence

  • who desire to experience more openness, pleasure and deeper orgasmic states

  • who desire to clarify and explore their boundaries, their YES and their NO, their MAYBE and how to hold that

  • who are struggling with intimate relating

  • who experience genital discomfort

  • who experience numbness, tension and stress in their pelvic area

  • who experience recurring candida, vaginal infections, bladder infections 

  • who experience cervical issues, including CIN 1 and



Even so I’m a confidante and transpersonal counselor with expertise in the field of sexuality and intimacy I’m working with women holistically as a counselor; all aspects of life are touched by the way a woman lives her intimacy, by how much permission there is for aliveness to circulate through her being.

  I’m an advocate for woman

Her empowerment, sovereignty and liberation, both sexually and holistically.


I’m a confidante

Listening and attuning deeply to Woman; listening to her struggles; sensing her blocks, her trauma, her fear and her needs; hearing her secret desires, her intimate longings.


I’m a truth seeker helping woman to unravel

The numbness, the inhibitions, the shame and the murkiness around sensual and sexual desire, around being fully alive.


I’m a protectress

Identifying and tending her inner critic and diminishing voices - the outworn judgmental mind of the past.


I’m a unraveller 

Supporting woman to meet and shed the layers of socialization, of inhibition, fear and apprehension.

I’m an advocate for the pause

The slowing down, the increasing awareness and capacity to feel and be with what is,

I’m an advocate for the womb

The slowest organ in a woman’s body.

Two Dried Leaves

work with me

connect here for a inquiry call


Claudine Gertrude


Tel: 0425 273 173


I’m available for treatments, sacred feminine embodiment classes and personally catered retreats in Mullumbimby (Byron Shire NNSW) and also travel to Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Perth*. 


Connect with me, I'm looking forward to hearing from You!

*My travel availability has been affected by current travel restrictions.

Please email for a confirmation. 

Thanks for submitting!


In the first five months of my pregnancy, I had so many emotions arising that I knew I wanted to commit to processing. I truly believed that it was coming up for me to clear before bubba arrived. As a healer and bodyworker myself I knew I wanted to now delve into total receiving. I could sense that my womb was where the activation was occurring as this baby grew inside of me. Many triggers, hurts, pain and memories that were stored in my womb were ready to be released and I wanted to commit to a type of healing that really scared me... Yoni Mapping.

I knew I needed someone who could totally hold space for me in this intimate therapy and someone who was trained in other types of bodywork too. I met Claudine - facilitator of Tigress Yoga after many synchronicities of us connecting.

I trusted the journey and delve in with trepidation but utter commitment! I loved the professionalism in the interview prior to the bodywork. It made me feel safe in sharing what I wanted to commit to and what I felt was arising in my womb....

The shiatsu part of the session guided me into a deep level of relaxation. I trusted this woman now... and felt ready to let go of my busy mind.

The part which I had such a story around was the internal Yoni Massage. It’s a strange concept right? I am there in a safe place and receiving a Yoni Massage from a woman professionally. And it felt strange as I had only ever been touched inside my vagina sexually or medically before. But now I was committing to being touched for deep healing. I loved the way that everything was communicated during the process as I discovered parts of my Yoni that were totally foreign to me. It felt like it switched between a vaginal workshop and Healing. At times I wept in sadness, contracted in fear or released in joy. I had memories clearing from not only this lifetime but many before..... I went into deep states of meditation as I committed to sound Healing vocally when there was deep clearing happening. It was quite incredible!!!

It was me totally stepping out of my comfort zone... I knew deep in my heart I was ready to release these blockages not only to prepare me for birth and motherhood- but to connect me more deeply as a woman to my sacred Centre... it made so much sense to me that this was a very ancient Healing modality for women.

Claudine holds divinely sacred, professional and powerful space

I trust her so much that I have brought her onboard within my Akshaya Healing business as a practitioner. I trust my own clients with her who I’ve been seeing for years myself.

Yoni mapping is completely unique and totally brings up your stuff.

But in a positive way if you are ready to step out of your comfort zone

Seriya Cutbush nov 2017

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