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Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Betrayal creates very deep wounding in the person being betrayed, and I guess it must be similar in the betrayer …somehow.

But I want to talk about what moves in me as betrayal is revealed and even more I want to reach out to any of us who have been betrayed in the past or now or will be in the future.

The first aspect that came through for me when it was revealed to me was liberation, liberation from the enmeshment in energies that didn’t feel right, liberation from questioning myself, from feeling silly for the suspicion that crept in every so often and that I misplaced into aspects that had nothing to do with the actual betrayal. Liberation and big chunk of anger, rage and sharpness.

I realize that my body and some aspects of my deeper consciousness always knew what was happening and they’ve been expressing themselves very loudly at times. But I didn’t understand, I trusted the other and so all this material was creating more and more wondering and questioning of self and also less and less presence to the now but more head fucks. I came out of that relating with absolutely no desire to go back into any other relating and wondering what other people get out of relating. And that was ok – but the moment the betrayal was revealed I understood all the confusion that was created by the not knowing. Thank Goddess I’m not going mad but I can actually trust myself, my inner voice, my inner guidance.

And then this stage of forgiving myself for mistrusting myself, for trusting the other rather than myself. ( I guess when one is lied straight into the face….) there is a lot of relieve and tenderness towards self, like a reunion, a recognition and acknowledgement of the depth of the internal intelligence that is at work in the soul. I don’t want to lose that ever again.

Grieve and sadness come in over the deep openings that were happening with this person, the attachment that was formed and now it’s being empty and need to be tended to in a new way. Those delicate layers of the inner child that connects with the other inner child to play, with the other mammal to relax into, open up and share deeply.

The anger and rage that arises around being betrayed, certain aspects that trigger.

Healing from betrayal:

  • Feeling, coming into the feeling body and allowing all feelings

  • Calling on support; friends, nature, cozy spaces, counselors, healers, journeys…

  • Connecting to the inner knowing, seeing and acknowledging the signs that language of the soul that has been communicating throughout the relating, getting to know and honour that inner voice/sensations/communication.

  • Forgiveness of self for having been in there without recognition of the truth that was revealed continuously by the inner voice.

  • If possible, revealing to the other how the betrayal is affecting you and seeing how it is affecting them.

  • Feel into if there is an open account, something that needs to be mended energetically or that needs to be spoken or written to the other.

  • Acknowledging that you were in there, being betrayed and not able to listen to the signs, checking for your responsibility, for you taking charge of your experiences in this life.

  • And back again to forgiveness of self, to holding all aspects of self tenderly and unapologetically.

  • Harvesting the fruits of the dying and re-awakening to life.

  • Celebration of your reunion with yourself, going on a special date with self, create a special ritual of taking the power back and letting go of the past.

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