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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Repercussions of a flyer

It was a quite unconscious act to put my little picture into the centre of the mandala on this flyer. I’m learning photoshop and I enjoy making my own flyers and I don’t conceptualise too much, once I start a flyer, I just flow with the creative energy pouring through me.

Suddenly as I picked up the flyers printed and started to hang them up around town, I felt the energy coming in from putting myself into the centre of the mandala. It is like really putting myself into the centre of my life, my creation and see it “hanging around town”. Some attacks from my internal judge came too…

It is actually exactly what Tigress: sacred female Yoga does for every woman practicing this form; it is about putting herself into the centre of her life, her creation. It is about dedicating the time and energy, despite of her busy life, to attend to herself lovingly and to cultivate the relationship to her deeper energies.

And then a beautiful dream followed the next night of me being in the centre of this yellow circle being nourished by the yellow light and matter.

I’m enjoying the intimacy I have with myself, the honoring and care I feel for myself and my particular body, soul and expression into life. And I appreciate it all even more as I have been through some quite rough patches in the first half of this year.

I have experienced again what happens when my energy gets too low and I don’t get out of bed in the morning to practice and I neither prioritize my practice during the day. It is not fun to be around me, my spaciousness collapses and I feel stressed and under the weather. And, plainly spoken, I’m not present.

I will be creating another poster soon with a few mandalas in a circle and in the centre of each mandala is another woman. It is not just about me having this nourishing experience and insights. I love for all women to experience this wholesome place of putting themselves into the centre of their life and fully owning their creation, the beauty and the difficult aspects of it!

That is why I’m really passionate about sharing this particular practice with women, the frequency of it draws each practitioner of this form into her own centre and enhances grounding, selfcare and sovereignty in one’s own life…. And through that grounding, owning and caring; the more unique, deep and blissful energy will open up, the connection into all that is life; pulsating, flowing, expanding. It will enable you to be in this energy and allow it to express through you in the unique and particular flavor that is you.

Whatever else you are doing in life in terms of personal development courses, studies and experiential workshops, this practice will support you in the integration process of it all, it will support the assimilation and integration into a deeper place in your body.

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